About Us

Dena Salmaci's passion and dedication to quality is inherent to everything she touches. As a fashion designer and native Detroiter with 100% Italian heritage, she embraces her creative nurturing roots, while tapping into her valuable insight. Together these traits distinguish her SALGIANO collection from any other. A well thought out garment inspired by Motown with a contemporary look. Manufactured in Downtown Detroit. Yes, it's THAT dress!

“That Dress” can be worn day or night. For work or for play. It’s shape is a timeless sultry silhouette, which blends materials with a waist cleanching "power" mesh. The long ties attached to each side seams are able to freely wrap and criss-cross around the body. Also included is a sophisticated limited addition belt buckle. This signature embellishment is influenced by the traditional look of a red wax seal. 

Periodically throughout the year, Dena will select fun, fresh fabrics that will give her cliental continuous options for the soon to be iconic garment. She will add basic colors, classic prints, and cutting edge options. The feel good, look good philosophy on the forefront of the SALGIANO brand is intended to empower women thru the collection. “That Dress” symbolizes confidence in women and encourages women to eat, drink, dance, love, and live!

Yes, it's THAT dress!

Wrapped and sealed by SALGIANO